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Pioneers in the industry, we offer falling film evaporators and plate type evaporators from India.
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Falling Film Evaporators
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Falling Film Evaporators

Approx. Price: Rs 5 Lakh / SetGet Latest Price
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Set
Voltage415 V
Power18 kW
Capacity10 to 100 m3/hr
Power SourceElectric
MaterialStainless Steel
We offers a complete range of Falling Film Evaporators which includes tubular falling film evaporators, dairy falling film evaporators etc. that are of either single or multiple effect to ensure high heat economy. In Falling Film Evaporators the liquid flows downwards in the form of a film along with the vapors at the core in a parallel flow. The film mechanism and low residence time makes this evaporator ideally suited to heat sensitive non-salting and non-crystallizing solutions. The liquid to be evaporated is initially pre heated to the boiling temperature and enters the heating tubes via distribution plates in the top bonnet of the evaporator. In falling film evaporators sufficient wetting of the heating surface is very important for the heat economy and trouble free operation. The wetting rates can be increased by extending or splitting the individual evaporator effects. Our Falling Film Evaporators can be particularly useful when the temperature difference between the liquid to be evaporated and the heating media is low. Vapor liquid separation is performed at the bottom of the heater in a separated vapour body for obtaining very low entrainment.

    • Suitable for low temperature application (heat sensitive applications)
    • Better steam economy.
    • Multi-effect combination possible
    • Low capital costs.

      Critical design fetaures:
        • Well designed distribution plate.
        • Optimum selection of variable parameters like temperature and pressure.
        • Wide data bank of coefficients, from which the best possible heat transfer coefficient is selected.
        • Accurate calculation of wetting surface area.
        • Proper design of vapour separator.
        • Very small hold up time.
        • Good heat transfer co-efficient at all temperature.
        • Special designs of vapour separators for foaming products.


            • Dairy
            • Food
            • Pharmaceutical
            • Chemical

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              • Plate Type Evaporators
              • Plate Type Evaporators
              • Plate Type Evaporators
              Plate Type Evaporators
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              Plate Type Evaporators

              Approx. Price: Rs 15 Lakh / SetGet Latest Price
              Product Details:
              Minimum Order Quantity1 Set
              Capacity100kg to 10000kg/hr
              MaterialSS 316,304,TI
              Automation GradeSemi-Automatic

              Plate Type Evaporator:-

              Compared with traditional shell-and-tube evaporator and condenser, using E & D plate-type evaporator and condenser bring unimaginable benefits. Not only covering less space, saving valuable space, but also reducing investment costs and maintenance without sacrificing reliability and security. On energy saving, plate-type evaporator and condenser can carry on counter-current heat transfer evaporation, closing the temperature difference of two ends. Whereas, shell-and-tube evaporator can only carry on cross heat transfer, so that make the heated steam reduced.

              1.High efficiency of thermal conduction

              The heat transfer coefficient of plate-type evaporator with special corrugated designs which producing high intensity turbulence has been improved greatly, comparing to shell-and-tube evaporator. The plate-type evaporator is particularly effective in high concentration and high viscosity, and can operate in the temperature difference only 3- 5℃. Steam heat pumps need to be used in tube - shell evaporators, and the secondary steam ejection ratio is very low, only 1:0.5. Because the least temperature difference of first effect evaporation of shell-and-tube evaporator need to be maintained at 15℃, it means the temperature of the steam into the shell-and-tube evaporator need to be at higher level, and can only pump small amount of low temperature of secondary steam. Whereas, the steam ejection ratio can be maintained at 1:1.25 when using plate-type evaporator, and it saves steam consumption a lot.

              2. Less scale and convenient maintenance.

              The high intensity turbulence in the whole plate not only reduces the scale, but also make it easy for chemical cleaning efficiently. Because of the less retention volume, it only needs few detergent compared with shell-and-tube evaporator. The flexible design of the plate-type evaporator means it is easier to inspect the surface of the thermal conduction, and it can be cleaned by mechanical method which is only removing the fasten bolts and loosening the pressing plate.

              3. Expand capacity easily

              It is one of the most popular feature of plate-type evaporator that you can just add or remove the plate group based on the current frame if you want to expand or reduce the capacity, and it is the major advantage compared to shell-and-tube evaporator which has the fixed capacity when installing.

              4. Improve the quality of the products

              The very low retention means that at any given time, there is almost no product left in the evaporator of the plate-type evaporator. It is a big advantage to heat sensitive products if products stay when evaporating in a short time. It also allows for quick start and shut down with very little waste.

              5. Save users input costs

              The unique design of plate-type evaporator and plate-type condenser have higher thermal efficiency compared to traditional shell-and-tube facilities, it means the required heat exchange area is greatly reduced. Therefore it is very economics to use plate-type evaporator and plate-type condenser, especially need to use the special metal such as SMO, Ti, Nickel and Nickel Alloy, and Hastelloy.

              6. Save space and Save installation budget

              It can be seen clearly from the below schematic diagram, it is a triple effect evaporation system device, and the plate-type evaporator and plate-type condenser can save installation charge and save space greatly compared with traditional devices.

              The main applications of following heat sensitive product.

              • Juices
              • Coffee
              • Pharmaceutical Products
              • Whey Protein
              • Milk

              Additional Information:
              • Item Code: pevp
              • Production Capacity: 10 sets
              • Delivery Time: 3 months
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